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Updates included in the 5/17/2024 Release
Updates included in the 5/17/2024 Release

Changes and updates to MetaLocator included with this release.

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This was a substantial release with lots of new and exciting features for all types of customers.

  • ML-991: Unified Search. Unified search combines keyword and location search into a single powerful control that also leverages user location and account data to bias the suggested search options.

  • ML-985: Expand/collapse controls. These new controls allow our users to place results card elements into expanding/collapsing controls. This included updates to our Tab Controls as well to make them easier to create and configure.

  • ML-771: Custom containers. In this feature addition, users can create custom HTML containers to hold collections of controls. This helps designers align and order fields in the results cards.

  • ML-972: Introduces a new containers to the Search Form above and below called Header and Footer. This aligns with the results card containers and provides a good place to host the Map/List toggle control as shown below.

This release also included a number of bug fixes for crowdsourcing, admin form fields and minor performance improvements.

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