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Expand/collapse areas in the results cards
Expand/collapse areas in the results cards

Use the Collapse Control to provide for a simple hide-able area in the results

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Sometimes results cards contain so much information that it can be overwhelming to the end user to display it all in the results card.

Hiding information behind a "Show more..." button can be accomplished by moving data to the Details pane, but also using the Collapse Control, discussed in this article.

The Collapse Control, when added to the results card as shown above creates 3 new controls:

  1. Collapse Button

  2. Collapse Start

  3. Collapse End

In the screenshot below, the button, start and end controls are shown in a typical configuration. The Collapse Start and Collapse End controls have been positioned above and below the other results fields they contain.

The Collapse Button allows for specification of the dynamic label in show and hide states as shown below:

The Collapse Container ID can be used to control which container this button should target. This only needs adjustment when there are multiple expand/collapse controls in the same result card. E.g. the second control might be named "Button2".

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