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Unified search

Unified search allows users to search for keywords and locations simultaneously.

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Unified search can automatically suggest search results as a user types. In the below example, it suggests locations and keyword matches for the word "sample". The suggestions are grouped by type, and the ordering is based on the strength of the match between the user's term and the search result.

Unified search is available in Enterprise Plans only

Unified Search can be added to the search form in the same manner as any other search control, by clicking Search Form and then Add Field. Be sure to remove any existing Keyword or Location search controls before adding Unified Search, since they are functionally duplicative.

The Unified Search Components displays a list of the types of suggestions to return. It only makes sense to use Unified Search when there is more than one component selected. If only one suggestion type is needed, use the non-unified version of that search input.

The number of suggestions per component can be selected. In the example shown above, up to 6 suggestions would be shown, 3 for keyword and 3 for geographic.

How Unified Search Works

As the user types, the system determines which component best matches the user's term. The best match is suggested first in the list.

If the user makes a selection from the suggestion list, the system performs a search based on that exact term.

If the user hits submit or presses enter without selecting a term, the system makes a calculated determination as to the user's intended search type and performs the search accordingly. This allows users to type in a term, press enter and get results based on the system's best presumption.

Keyword Search Fields

To configure the fields considered in keyword search, add them under Unified Search > Keyword Search Fields

The Keyword Search Fields should be adjusted to return only matches on the intended fields when using Unified search. This can cut down on ambiguous or obscure keyword matches, depending on the available data.

Keyword Template

The markup used to display keyword suggestions can also be modified under Search Form > Autocomplete Keyword Template

This field takes a Handlebars template which allows for precise control over the contents of the suggestion. The match between the user's search and the result is automatically wrapped in a <strong> HTML tag

<span class="ml_autocomplete_component_template_keyword"><span class="ml_autocomplete_component_template_keyword_name">{{name}}</span> {{city}}, {{state}}, {{country}}</span>

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