In the Interface Builder, the first group of options is dedicated to customizing the search form.

The search form is a series of controls presented to your users to allow them to search and filter results. The default options may vary based on the template chosen, but most include Location, Category and a submit button.

To add fields to the search form, click the Add Field button shown below:

The resulting window allows you to choose which field to add. For example, to add a keyword search to the form, choose Keyword from the drop-down list.

Once the field is added, it can be dragged and dropped up and down the list in order to control the display order.

Each field has various options to control its display and behavior. Click the caret icon to expand the settings. The settings vary based on the type of control.

Fields can be added to a container, in most cases Basic and Advanced. If a field is added to the Advanced container a filter icon appears in the search. Clicking that icon expands a section for "Advanced" search options. This allows you to create complex search forms without having to display all options.

To remove a field from the Search form, position your mouse over the option and click the Trash icon.

For information on how Categories can be used in the search form, click here.

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