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Category Search Logic

Combining Category Search Fields with And/Or Logic

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In your Locator Search Form, the Category Group Logic and Multi-Select Logic play a crucial role in refining search results effectively. These features allow you to filter information based on specific categories and their options. Let's break down the essential concepts to make your search form setup a breeze.

Multi-Select Within a Category Group:

Accessing Multi-Select Logic:

  • To manage the logic for selecting multiple categories within a group, navigate to the Locations or Data tab on the left side of the MetaLocator UI.

  • Click on the individual category you want to work with.

  • Inside the category, go to the Category Options tab.

Tag Group Operator: AND/OR:

  • Here, you'll find the Tag Group Operator setting. This setting helps you define the relationship between selected tags within a category.

  • Choose between AND and OR operators:

    • AND: Requires all selected tags to be present for an item to match the search criteria.

    • OR: Only one of the selected tags needs to be present for an item to match the search criteria.

  • Example:

    • If you have a category for "Colors" with options "Red" and "Blue," using AND would find items that are both red and blue. Using OR would find items that are either red or blue.

Note: These steps will have to be repeated for each category in the category group in order for the search to function as a multi-select AND/OR operating list.

Logic Between Two Category Groups:

Accessing Category Group Logic:

  • Navigate to the interface builder

  • Select the Search Form tab.

  • Click on Category to manage the relationship between two dropdowns.

Setting Logic Between Dropdowns:

  • Within the Category Logic interface, you can set the logic between two dropdowns.

  • Choose between AND and OR operators to define how the selected options in each dropdown should interact.

  • Example:

    • If you have two dropdowns for "Products" and "Services," using AND would find locations that match both the selected products and services. Using OR would find items that match either the selected products or services.

Note: This changes all category dropdowns into the AND/OR operator chosen. It is important if there are multiple category lists in the search form that these operators are consistent to not cause problems within the category logic.

Understanding Multi-Select Logic and Category Group Logic with AND/OR operators allows you to create a more refined and precise search form. By choosing the right operators, you can customize your form to match your specific criteria and provide users with accurate results.

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