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Updates included in release 4759
Updates included in release 4759

Changes to MetaLocator included in the August 5 release

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Updated over a week ago
  • Fixed an issue where cache would not clear after saving an interface

  • Fixed an issue where i8N would not work for the distance unit when {radius} tag was used without a {zipform} tag

  • Added WYSIWYG editor to display lead content for easier reading in the control panel.

  • Updated the quota management screen to display page views and last month's page views.

  • Updated security filters on the location save form

  • Improved background geocoder performance for Enterprise clients

  • Fix for duplicating-a-duplicate Interface creating a too-long internal name

  • Fix that allows retailer products that only change protocol (E.g. http -> https) to be recognized as identical.

  • Added automatic spider state control with retailer state.  E.g. if you publish a retailer, the spider starts automatically and vice-versa.

  • Updated product display to indicate color warnings when a product is approaching offboarding candidacy 

  • Updated product offboarding display to indicate when the offboarding system unpublished a product

  • Fix for Amazon API integration to update products even when Amazon API stops returning those products from a given API search.  

  • Updated retailer product history chart colorization to align with theme

  • Added email notifications for product offboarding when resulting in a retailer offline or product offline.

  • Now only showing 20 most recent user notes instead of 100

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