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Updates included in the 8/11/2023 Release
Updates included in the 8/11/2023 Release
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  • ML-648: Updates to the active search filters to include an option to show the active filter count.

  • ML-648: Added the ability to provide custom templates for the active search filter controls.

  • ML-648: Added consistent top margin for when the number of active filter controls expands onto two rows.

  • ML-717: Updated the map/list toggle control to use a button toggle list instead of a switch control for better usability. Added LOCATOR_TOGGLE_LIST and LOCATOR_TOGGLE_MAP language constants

  • ML-717: Fixed an issue where the map would appear atop the UI when the search form position was set to "Above List" and the map/list toggle was performed.

  • Added the ability for the user's detected location to dynamically set the empirical v.s. metric distance units.

  • Added internationalization support to the map bearing control. (LOCATOR_MAP_RESET_BEARING)

  • Added the ml_resultscountupdated javascript event which now includes the pagination, form state and language objects as part of the event.

  • Added the "ml_map_not_dragged" class to the main element which is removed when the user moves the map, allowing for control of the initial state as opposed to a map-drag-induced search.

  • Added support for the Initial Map Pitch option for those map providers that support map pitch (mapbox and maptiler/gl)

  • Added bias for the Autocomplete geocoder from the user's detected GPS location, in addition to their detected country.

  • Updated the Autocomplete response to display the full country name, instead of the three-letter ISO code.

  • Fixed spelling error in the core language file, Kilometres = Kilometers

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