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Updates included in release 1737
Updates included in release 1737
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The following upgrades, fixes and improvements have been added to the most recent version of MetaLocator.

  • IMPROVEMENT: An update to the product finder 3-part import process for a smoother workflow.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Update to the import system to include a "Data Type" selection

  • IMPROVEMENT: Updates to the caching system.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Updates to the Data Quality Dashboard to assist the import process.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Addition of 3 new design templates

  • FIX: Fix for geocoder requests with pound sign causing truncation in certain cases.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Rolled out Review Monitoring

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added Google Font Interface setting

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added links to SEO landing pages where available, instead of the javascript version.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added Category Link field, which optionally links to the URL provided when displaying {taglist}

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added option to link the map marker directly to the Item Detail Page instead of opening the popup.

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