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Updates included in the 9/29/2023 Release
Updates included in the 9/29/2023 Release
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In this release, we have refactored the "Add Field" dialog box presented in the Interface Builder:

This enhanced user experience replaces a simple drop-down list, which wasn't very informative for new users discovering functionality. If a user did not know what to look for, the old interface was difficult to manage. This new tabbed interface has improved ordering, descriptions and separates user fields from system fields.
To access this new dialog, click any Add Field button in the Interface Builder as found under Search Form, Results, Leads and more:

In addition to the above, the following changes, fixes and updates were made:

  • ML-772. Fixed an issue where an un-styled date control appeared in the Interface Preview.

  • ML-715. Fixed an issue when users marked "County" or "Online" as an admin filter in the field settings.

  • ML-736. Now allowing users to export language files directly as downloadable text files. This was previously only possible as a copy-paste operation using the bulk editor.

  • ML-644. Fixed an issue where the time zone value was not updated when re-geocoding a previously geocoded location.

  • ML-773. Fixed an issue where MetaLocator would call the AWS API too rapidly when requesting cache clearing, resulting in a temporary block. Also now clearing the entire account cache after a language file change.

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