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Updates included in the 7/8/2024 release
Updates included in the 7/8/2024 release
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The following updates have been included in our most recent software update.

  • ML-1036 - Ordering and prioritization by "profile percent complete". Read more here.

  • ML-1041 - Lead Categories

  • ML-944 - Importing data from Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • ML-973 - Failed Google authorizations now send an email to the user with a simple button to update the connection.

  • ML-1039 - Now supporting data-driven checkboxes in the search form based on unique custom field values.

  • ML-1038 - Added support for “Show in Search” category setting in the Interface Builder

  • ML-1018 - Fix for too-close Map Zoom levels when all results are at the same position.

  • ML-1033 - Now supporting “Yes”, just as “Y” during import of categories

  • ML-1037 - Users can now style the reset button using the Styles option

  • ML-917- Location hours "text" view is now available as an hours display option.

Other updates & fixes

FIX: Addressed an issue with removing active Interface sort & filter options

FIX: Addressed an issue with sub-admins creating Export Lead jobs.

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