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Importing data from Microsoft Dynamics 365
Importing data from Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connect your store locator directly with MS Dynamics to import CRM data

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MetaLocator can connect directly to Microsoft Dynamics to extract your partner data for direct inclusion in your locator.

To import data from Microsoft Dynamics, choose Import, then Microsoft Dynamics to bring up the connection screen:

The minimal set of values you need to connect to Dynamics 365 Online is as follows:

  • Application (Organization) URI, e.g.

  • Application ID - identifies the Azure AD application registration associated with your Dynamics 365 organization

  • Application Secret - a password generated in Settings / API Access / Keys section of your Azure AD application registration

For more information read the walkthroughs how to register your application on Azure AD and how to create a Dynamics 365 application user.

The FetchXML is what is used to comprise the query which selects the columns and criteria for data coming from your Dynamics 365 account.

Examples of FetchXML follow:

A simple set of columns from the contact object

<fetch mapping="logical">
<entity name="contact">
<attribute name="accountid" />
<attribute name="fullname" />
<attribute name="emailaddress1" />

Columns from the account object with a filter, where the name contains "Adve"

<fetch mapping="logical">
<entity name="account">
<attribute name="name" />
<attribute name="telephone1" />
<order attribute="name" descending="false" />
<filter type="and">
<condition attribute="name" operator="like" value="%Adve%" />

Click the "Test Connection" button to review the JSON response which, if successful, shows the first few rows of output:

Clicking Next will bring up the column mapping and import options screens common to all MetaLocator data sources.

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