Many MetaLocator users often want to feature certain locations in the search results based on their status.  They may be a "Gold" level dealer or a "Featured" location and should be displayed at the top of the list of search results, possibly using different colors or styles.  They may also be a location with the greatest sales figures.  As such, there are two ways to handle prioritization.  First, you can prioritize results at the category level (E.g. "Gold" dealers" or you can prioritize based on a custom field value.  This second option is useful when ordering by a specific value on a per-location basis, such as annual sales.

Priority based on Category

First create a Category that will be used to classify certain locations as "Featured".  We'll create a category of the same name, by clicking Categories, then New.

Provide a Name for the Category, then set "Prioritize in Search Results" to Yes as shown here:

Important: Ensure that your other categories are not also set to Prioritize.

Once created, you can Categorize your "featured" locations using that new category.  The basics of adding and managing categories are covered in this video:

Once you have locations that are featured using your prioritized category, ensure your interface includes that Category, as shown here:

In the Interface setting Advanced Settings > Disable Priority Order - set that equal "No".

Now your interface should show prioritized locations higher in the results list, as shown here:

You can also provide a specialized style for your prioritized locations.  Among other methods, such as a unique Icon, your locations will have a special CSS class called priority added to the row as shown below:

You can then add CSS such as the following to highlight your featured locations.

.metalocator .priority{
background-color: #fff7ec;

Which has this effect:

If more than one category is set to "prioritize in search results", the system will use the Category ordering column to discern the proper ordering.  This allows for multiple levels of prioritization.


Priority based on Custom Value

First, create a field that will contain your custom ordering value.  Under fields, click New, and enter values such as those shown here:

Import your data in the usual way, including a numeric value for the Annual Sales column.  Our data looks like this:



Once we have imported the data, in our Interface, we will designate the Annual Sales column as our Priority Column as found under Data Settings.

Note that the field is entered in according to it's "safe" name, which can be found here:

See below that the Sample Location 3, with 100,000,000 in annual sales was presented before the Sample Location 5, despite Sample Location 5 being geographically closer to the user's search.  Sample Location 3 was successfully prioritized above 5 due to it's higher annual sales figure.


Other ideas for highlighting or featuring certain locations

One option is to highlight certain locations when the Interface is initially displayed, before a search is performed.  In this example, the "Platinum" dealers are displayed using the "Initial Tags" option, found under Data Settings.

Another option is to include a Coupon or Offer for your featured locations.  See instructions here.

Another option is to create SEO Landing Pages for only your featured locations.  You can also create specially enhanced location landing pages for your featured locations.  Do this by creating an interface for only featured locations and include access to enhanced features in that interface.


Other ideas include special colorization for highlighted locations, a customized location icon, a Lead Form for only for certain locations or any other MetaLocator feature could be reserved just for your highlighted locations.

See this note if using Prioritization in combination with the "Nearest" Radius.

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