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Custom Export Formats

If you want to create a unique format for exporting your data from MetaLocator follow the steps in this article

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When exporting data from MetaLocator, the system creates a single CSV file which can be opened in Excel or similar database programs.  Occasionally it can be helpful to customize the column names and ordering to align with an external system.

When exporting data, a list of Export Formats is available.  These formats are a collection of Field Mapping Rules which instruct MetaLocator how to assemble the export file.

To create a custom export format, a Field Mapping Rule must be created for each column in the desired custom export spreadsheet.  

Managing Field Mapping Rules

Click Manage export formats as shown below:

Click New in the upper right toolbar to create a create a new Field Mapping Rule and Export Format.  One Field Mapping entry must be created for each field (column) in the resulting export file and each entry must share the same Export Format Name.

The field mapping form is shown below:

  • Label:  This is the label that will be used for the column name in the resulting export file.  

  • Field:  This is the MetaLocator field that will be included in the column as the value for each row.

  • Export Format Name:  This is the name of the export format as shown in the drop-down list of available formats shown on the export screen above.  The provider name must be exactly the same for each field in a custom format.  For example, use "Custom" for the Export Format Name for each field in your custom format.

  • Mapping Type:

    • For simple column exporting, use the System Fields mapping type.

    • To export a category column, choose the Category mapping type and then choose the category

    • To export a group of categories, choose the Category Group mapping type and then choose the category group.

    • To export the hours field, choose Hours and optional select a specific weekday, or only opening or closing hours.

    • For users subscribing to Address Verification Services, choose Verified Fields. This allows for export of the verified version of the selected field, if available.

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