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Results ordering and sorting levels
Results ordering and sorting levels

Sort results by any field including name or custom fields

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MetaLocator allows for sorting data in your search results.  By default, search results are ordered by the distance from a user's search.  However, outside the presence of a geographic search term you can control the primary ordering of the results.  When a geographic search is performed results are presented ordered by Distance first.  This assumes the search is not configured to prioritize certain groups of results.

If not otherwise specified, the data is presented in the order in which it was imported into MetaLocator.  This is the default.  To add a level of sorting, click Filter & Sort, then scroll down to Field Sorting as shown below.

Click Add Sorter to add a sorting level.  Choose a field and a direction.  Add additional sorting levels as needed. Be sure to Save your interface to see the changes.

Randomizing Results

In cases where your locations are competing entities, like dealers or sales agents, you want to ensure your directory is not biased towards a given database entry. Random ordering allows you to mix up your search results each time they are displayed.

To add randomization to the results list, click Filter & Sort then select 20 More Filter & Sort Features. Sort Randomly will need to be toggled to Yes and the interface can then be saved.

For legacy users this video will assist in setting up randomization:

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