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Redirecting users based on search results
Redirecting users based on search results

MetaLocator can redirect users to a link in your results automatically

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MetaLocator is sometimes used as a tool to route users to certain web-based resources like existing Websites, forms or PDFs based on a geographic search. In these cases, instead of displaying results, MetaLocator can instantly redirect the user to the link present in the first search result's link field as shown below:

This behavior is enabled under Behavior, then Redirect to first result's link field as shown below:

When this behavior is enabled you may also want to update the initial state to "Show None", otherwise the system will instantly redirect when the Interface loads

While working in the Interface Builder, this feature is disabled. Otherwise you would be unable to work on the Interface itself, as it would keep redirecting to outside resources. Instead, we display this warning, but only when the Interface is in the Builder.

To see the actual user experience, open the interface in a new window as shown:

This video shows the behavior. The user performs a search, and then is immediately redirected to since that is the link provided in the link field of the first result returned for the search for 53202 as shown below:


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