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Updates included in the 3/3/2023 Release
Updates included in the 3/3/2023 Release
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  • This release included updates to the Data Quality Dashboard to align formatting and introduce data validity in addition to present/not present.

  • Added the new record actions menu for easier delete, edit actions per record.

  • Added the ability to preserve record categories that are not available to crowdsourcing users. (ML-546)

  • Added support for gallery indicators (ML-544)

  • Added support for front-end export (#370)

  • Added support for reference to other variables in import transformations (ML-352)

  • Various updates to remove Google assets for users in China (#375)

  • FIX: Added pill button margins and focus rings for proper display in horizontal and vertical orientations (#388)

  • FIX: Dynamically updating the radius unit drop-down when the distance unit control is present (ML-494)

  • FIX: Custom fields are not selected in drop-down displays in the Crowdsourcing form. (ML-545)

  • FIX: Group administrators were unable to export fields marked as available to "All Groups" (ML-549)

  • FIX: Now hiding the category label when no categories for a given record. (ML-499)

  • Improved error messages in SFTP connections

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