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Allowing your visitors to export data
Allowing your visitors to export data
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You may want to allow visitors to your locator to export their search results in a downloadable format.

To support this use case, an Export button can be added to the Search form as shown below:

To enable the export button, ensure the Enable Export button is checked. This is a security measure which enables the button's export features.

The Export button also supports the ability to require users to perform a search before they are permitted to export. To allow exports before and after searching, check Allow Before Search.

The export format controls the headings in the resulting CSV file:


Additional columns can be added to the file by repeating the pattern above for other custom fields. For categories, use "tag1, tag2"


The number of rows in the export file is the same as the Number of Results per Page setting

NB: This option is not supported for Interfaces with "Live Search" enabled.

For Legacy Users

MetaLocator provides this facility by way of a few options found under Interfaces > Your interface name > Data Settings.

The following options enable this feature:

  • Allow bulk Export from public interface? This is a yes/no option that enables the public export system.  Without this option set to "Yes", the following options have no effect.

  • Allow Export before Search: This option determines if the Export button is shown before a search has been performed.

  • Export Format:  This template controls the columns included in the visitor's export.  Ensure they are formatted as "{fieldname}","{fieldname}"Where {fieldname} is the template markup for that field.

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