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Updates included in the 1/20/2023 Release
Updates included in the 1/20/2023 Release
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The most recent release included many bug fixes, performance improvements and new

features. Those are summarized below:

  • Added an option to display Average Response Time in the locator results.

  • Added an option to display Travel Time in the locator results.

  • Updated the Data Quality Dashboard to report invalid links and emails instead of just set and unset.

  • Added support for Styles in the Radius and Keyword search form options

  • Added an option for Group Administrators to see analytics widgets with a summary of all interfaces available to the Group by default.

  • Added a bulk import feature for import mapping rules

  • Added a data health monitor for customers using our Where to Buy solution

  • Added support for wildcards in the import mapping

  • Readied MetaLocator for updates to Matomo API calls

  • Fixed an issue where the iFrame resizer would run away creating infinite height

  • Fixed an issue where multi-word CTAs in emails would sometimes cause the button to wrap

  • Fixed an issue where visitors behind proxies hosted in countries other than their physical location had disparate GEOIP detection causing no results (China)

  • Fixed an issue where users were able to edit CSS in a locked interface template if they expanded the CSS editor.

  • Fixed an issue where HTML entities were shown encoded in the Thank you email subject

  • Updated French Corsica for 2A territory handling

  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete would show an error message when Google API was set, and no Base TLD was set.

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