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Updates included in release 1634
Updates included in release 1634
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The following upgrades, fixes and improvements have been added to the most recent version of MetaLocator.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for multiple category prioritization.  By using the "ordering" of the category, multiple levels of prioritization are possible.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Better support for un-geocoded searches via the API.

  • FIX: Spelling error in Field chooser

  • FIX: Automatic support for "GB" v.s. "UK" ccTLD

  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed "US" as default TLD, added support for empty, unbiased TLD.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Clearer messaging on Interface validation

  • FIX: Corrected quota allocation for grandfathered users

  • CHANGE: Removed name requirement on Chat

  • FIX: Corrected match in WYSIWYG editor for form fields

  • FIX: Showing submit button automatically when only _textfield fields are present in the Search Form Format.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added "Is Empty", "Is Not Empty" options to Field Filter control.

  • FIX: Better check for "undefined" and "null" in geocoder responses.

  • FIX: Added trial check in user quota

  • IMPROVEMENT: Better formatting on payment/plan selection form

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for variable replacement in the CSS field (mostly for internal template design)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added stars to indicate accuracy for geocoding results

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added Tools menu with multiple account support tools

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added geocoding support for multiple political areas (County and Neighborhood)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for geocoding bounding box.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added geocoder province code support for US, AU and CA

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added {clr} tag support for Item Templates

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for empty "end date" in date range searches

  • IMPROVEMENT: Fix for importing odd date formats into startdate and enddate fields.

  • FIX: Fix for {city} tag appearing in export

  • FIX: Fix for multi-valued checkboxes with spaces

  • FIX: Fix for HTML appearing in tooltips

  • FIX: Fix for multivalued checkboxes not checked in form view

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