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Publishing Social Media links for locations
Publishing Social Media links for locations
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MetaLocator allows for the creation of dynamic link fields for your locations' social media properties by creating new Social Media fields.  This method allows for the import or edit of social media links alongside the rest of your data.

Start by logging in to the MetaLocator dashboard, navigating to Fields, notice that some social media fields might already exist. Create a new field by clicking New in the upper right.

For each social media network you would like to display, create a new field for that network.  In the screenshot below, a field to contain the Facebook link of our locations is being created.

Once Social Media is chosen from the Field Type drop-down, be sure to choose the network as shown here:

Repeat that process for each network desired.

Once your fields are added, update your data to include a link to the social media properties for each location.  Here we show a record with the social media links for 4 networks properly completed:

Now that the data includes links to the appropriate social media properties, update the interface to display these fields in our desired location.

To edit the interface, open the List dropdown under the Results settings.  In our example, we're going to add our social media fields to the footer container (these fields can be added to any container). Hover over the Footer container and click the + that appears to the right and select the respective social media field(s) you created in the steps above.

Add any additional social media fields. Once complete, all of the social media fields in the footer container will look like the below screenshot:

Now that all of our social media fields have been added, in order to display the associated icon, we need to add the icon class to the Icon field under the social media field we just added. MetaLocator uses Font Awesome's free icon library and can be accessed here: The icon class for Facebook is 'fab fa-facebook,' so add that to the Icon field as shown below. You will see in the screenshot, the correlating Facebook icon will now be displayed on the result card where we added the social media fields, in this case the footer.


Below you will see an example of the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn icons all added to the result card's footer.

To update these icons, adjust the Style & Color settings for the overall interface or create new fields and choose "Link" for the field type if you require detailed control over the field appearance.


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