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Using the Image field
Using the Image field

Adding images to locations

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MetaLocator allows you to specify an image for each location.  This is different that providing an image gallery, which is covered in this tutorial.

The image field holds a single image, and contains the URL of that image.  The image can be contained on MetaLocator's servers or the image field can include a full path to an external image such as

Here we see a screenshot of an import file that contains image data.  Note that the image must already be uploaded to MetaLocator in the case of the first row.  Additionally, the second row shows a the full URL of an image uploaded to an external server.

 MetaLocator also allows you to upload images to this field directly from the Control Panel.

To add an image to a location manually, simply upload that image in the Record Editor for that location.

You can also provide an external URL directly in that field.

Once the image is added, it will be visible in your Interface as controlled by the placement of the Image field in the Interface Builder. In most templates the image field is already included in the Image container as shown below.

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