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Using the Gallery Fields
Using the Gallery Fields
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You can create an image gallery for each location by leveraging the Gallery field.  Each location includes a gallery field by default.

Uploading Images

To add images to a location, edit that location from the Data > All Records screen, then find the Gallery field as shown below:

You can upload multiple images as needed.  This image shows the same gallery field after two images have been uploaded.

Once you have images added to your locations, you may need to add the Gallery field to your layout in the Interface Builder.

Importing Gallery Images

Like the image field, the gallery field is a collection of URLs which represent the publicly accessible address of the image.

The image files must be uploaded to either MetaLocator or a 3rd party service to be used in a gallery field. The gallery field only contains an escaped JSON reference to the images as shown below:


Shown in a file in the gallery column, ready for import as shown below

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