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Adding Custom fonts to the Interface Builder
Adding Custom fonts to the Interface Builder

Pro and higher accounts can add custom CSS and JavaScript to support custom fonts

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Fonts from Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts can be added to the Interface Builder for customers in our Pro and higher plans.

Custom fonts can be upload to MetaLocator file uploader under tools.

After uploading the file there are a few interface settings that need to be updated before the font displays properly.

First disable the default font as shown below:

Then navigate to the CSS section under additional Style & Color options. Edit the code below to include the appropriate file url/format and select an appropriate font family name. Place the code in the CSS editor and save.

@font-face {
font-family: 'Font Family Name';
url('') format('woff2'),
url('') format('woff');

Finally, add the font to the CSS elements and be sure to update the "family" to your selected font.

.metalocator input,
.metalocator select,
.metalocator button,
.metalocator textarea,
.metalocator .popupWindow
font-family: "Font Family Name",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif !important;

The result will look something like this:

Be sure to save your changes!

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