MetaLocator allows customization of the search form to include input fields that search your custom fields.  Custom fields can be presented as drop-down boxes or as free-form text entry fields.

To add a custom field as a search option on an Interface as a plain text search field follow these steps.  To add custom fields as drop-down lists comprised of the unique values within that custom field, view this tutorial.

  • From the Control Panel, choose Fields from the main menu, then take note of the Template Markup of the custom field. 

  • Open the Interface settings of the desired Interface by clicking Interfaces, then the name of the interface.

  • Expand the Form Settings collection and find the Search Form Format setting.

  • Add the Template Markup in the desired position within  the Search Form Format setting, and include _textfield in the template markup.  For example, if the Template Markup is {lobbyhours}, include {lobbyhours_textfield} in the Search Form Format setting.  This tells the system to display the field as a plain text field. 

  • Save the Interface settings and preview the Interface, the text field should be displayed, labelled according to the field name.


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