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Legacy: Customizing the Search Form Fields
Legacy: Customizing the Search Form Fields
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MetaLocator allows for complete control of the form your customers use to search your data.  By default, this form displays only our Location search field, which is labelled "Postal Code" by default, as shown here:

To modify search terms, access your Interface with the Interface Editor then open the Search Form, within the Form Settings of your Interface. This example shows the use of the Location search box or {zipform} as it your be indicated as markup.

To include additional search fields, such as State, City or any custom field you may have added, click [MetaLocator Fields] to reveal a list of available fields. Selecting a field will insert the markup into the Search Form. There are two types of fields available for selection, System Fields and Custom Fields.  Custom Fields are those added by you, and System fields are MetaLocator-provided fields available to all accounts.

The [Source] button toggles a view allowing advanced users to insert HTML, and manipulate field names directly.


A video of this process follows below:


Source View

 You can manually specify the following tags if needed.  They must be enclosed in curly brackets, as in {tagname}:

  • zipform : The location search field, commonly used for zip code searches

  • keywordform : The keyword search field.

  • tagdropdown : A drop-down list of Categories

  • tagcheckboxes : A series of Category checkboxes

  • countrydropdown : A drop-down list of Countries

  • statedropdown : A drop-down list of States

  • citydropdown : A drop-down list of Cities

  • county: A drop-down list of Counties

  • clr: A separator that provides a line break in the form

This list of tags is subject to change with software enhancements so refer to the list presented via the [MetaLocator Fields] button as explained above.

Additionally, you can search by any other Field configured in MetaLocator.  Adding {fieldname} to the Search Form Format will present the unique values of that field as a drop-down list.  Adding {fieldname_textfield} will include the field as a free-form text field, that will be used as a keyword search for only that field.  The fieldname must be written as shown in the field's Template Markup, which essentially removes spaces and special characters from the field. For example "My_Custom-Field #1" would become {mycustomfield1} The exact format of any field's template markup can be found under Field Details for a selected Field, as shown here:


If you have further questions, reach out to our helpdesk.

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