Translating Category Labels
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If you have a multilingual setup, and want to provide language translations for your Category names, you do not have to create new categories for each language.

Follow the steps in this tutorial to properly format and translate your Category labels.

When rendering your category labels, MetaLocator will look for a "language constant" following this format:


Where "SAFENAME" is the category name with special characters and spaces removed.  So, if your category is "Dealers & Retailers", the language constant should be


A list of categories and their constants can be found under the Language > Categories button. These can be copied and paste into the Bulk Editor in the language files.

Provide a translation in the language file for that language constant under Languages in the MetaLocator dashboard.  Additional language constants can be added at the bottom of the list of existing language constants as shown below.

To translate Category Group names, enter constants as follows:


If you are using tag option groups {tagoptgroup} in your searchform, groups can be translated with


Be sure to read our Language Tutorial which covers the basics of managing multiple languages within MetaLocator.



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