There is no fixed limit on the number of fields you can add to MetaLocator.  However, some customers can create enough fields to exceed the maximum size of a row supported by our underlying database system. 

This row size limit reflects the total combined length of all fields.

The solution to this problem is to more properly size the fields to accommodate the data.  The default field size is 255 characters.  However, this can be more than enough for columns that contain very short data.

To modify a field to a shorter length, click Fields, then the name of the field.

Click Field Details and choose a different, shorter, field length as shown below.

Click Save.

Warning: If there is content in the field that is longer than the chosen length it will be automatically truncated to fit the new length.

Another strategy to shorten fields is to change the field type.  For example, a field that contains a single number can be changed to a numeric field type instead of a text field type.

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