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Legacy: Adding "Print Page" To Your Interface
Legacy: Adding "Print Page" To Your Interface

Custom print button

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Built into MetaLocator is the ability to print the locator page. This functionality can be engaged by toggling this setting as found in the Search Form Settings > Show Print Link? = Yes. This will include a small "Print" link in the upper right hand

Beyond this, one can easily add this functionality to the Detail Page.  Add the following HTML to your Detail Page Item Template:

<a href="javascript:window.print();">Print This Page</a>

Feel free to change the text of "Print This Page" to that of your choosing.

Your Template would look something like this:

This will yield a page appearing as shown below. Your further customization might also include positioning, style and color.

This same approach can be used to add a print button to the search  form, simply add the HTML as described where it is to appear in the Interface under Search Form Settings > Search Form. Because you are providing the print link manually adjust the system settings in Form Settings > Show Print Link? = No.

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