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Mapping Affiliate Tags to Campaigns
Mapping Affiliate Tags to Campaigns

Some affiliate programs don't include visit-level tracking. This strategy allows for mapping of program tags for campaign attribution.

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Historically Amazon has not allowed affiliates to include custom tracking tags in the link.  This means that Amazon transactions are effectively anonymous.  Amazon does allow for the use of Tracking IDs which can be dynamically mapped by MetaLocator based on the incoming UTM parameters.  Transactions are then attributed to the associated campaigns when they are imported from Amazon into MetaLocator's analytics platform, closing the loop for campaign attribution for Amazon.

The below diagram illustrates the overall data flow.

To manage campaign tracking, login to MetaLocator and click Retailers.  Click the retailer in question (commonly Amazon) and update the Campaign Lookup setting according to your UTM campaigns:

In the above example, the tag variable in the outbound affiliate link will be dynamically updated with the value provided based on UTM parameters matching those provided.  If no match is found, the link is not changed.
If multiple rows are provided that match the same UTM parameter, the more complete match will be selected.

Managing the mapping as shown above is the only change required to map affiliate tags to UTM campaigns.  As new transactions are placed, the data will flow into MetaLocator's Analytics dashboard under the eCommerce > Sales reports.  See the Campaign reports as shown below:

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