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To validate email addresses connected to your location data, follow these steps

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MetaLocator includes the capability to bulk verify the email addresses attached to your locations in the email field.

To launch the bulk verification process, click Data > All Records, then select Validate Email Address as shown below:

This will launch the bulk email validation process.  Once complete, the system will create a user notification as shown below.  The run time of the process depends on the total number of email addresses in the system.

Each email address in the system will be validated.  The validation can be seen by viewing any record with an email address:

Maintaining Verified Emails

The Email Verify job described above can also be created as a continually executing background process.  The background process includes an option to initiate the job with an option named 


When this job option is set to 1, the system will remove any invalid emails from the target table as it executes.  

Contact the help desk to establish the background Email Verify job.

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