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Webhooks in MetaLocator
Webhooks in MetaLocator

MetaLocator can trigger events when certain actions occur to push data to external systems

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Webhooks are requests to 3rd party HTTP endpoints that are configured to listen for GET and POST requests containing information about an event that has occurred in MetaLocator.

This feature is available to Enterprise users only.

MetaLocator staff can configure Webhooks for the following events:

  1. Where to Buy eCommerce Transaction

  2. Lead Submittal

  3. Single (non-bulk) Location Data Update via Crowdsourcing or the dashboard.

The Webhook URL must be HTTPS and must be submitted to the helpdesk for evaluation, penetration testing and approval.

Request field content

eCommerce Transaction


Location Data Update

Location data schema may change on a per-account basis as additional fields are added by the customer.

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