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Connect MetaLocator-generated to thousands of Apps with Zapier

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MetaLocator provides various endpoints which can trigger events in Zapier based on events in MetaLocator.

For example, MetaLocator can trigger a Slack message when a Lead is received, or insert a new row into a Google Sheet, or send an email to a manager or any of thousands of creative actions available in Zapier.

If the MetaLocator trigger or action is Invite Only, please contact support to request an invitation.

Available Triggers

  • Manually Updated Record - Triggers when an individual location record in MetaLocator is manually modified. This is not triggered during bulk actions, like CSV imports.

  • New Lead - Triggers when a new Lead is created.

Available Actions

  • Create Record - This action creates a record in MetaLocator. This action is great for keeping individual locations in sync with changes coming from external systems.

  • Update Record - This search action updates an existing record in MetaLocator.

  • Find Record - This search action finds a record in MetaLocator by ID or external key value

Connecting MetaLocator to Zapier

To connect MetaLocator to Zapier follow these instructions.

  1. Login to your Zapier account

  2. Click Create Zap

  3. Search for MetaLocator as shown below:

MetaLocator Changed Record Trigger

Choose Changed Record from the Trigger Event.

Choose the table where records should be monitored for changes. This is commonly "locations"

From this point forward, the setup instructions are the same for each trigger. Follow those steps here.

MetaLocator Lead Trigger

Choose New Lead from the Trigger Event

All Triggers

If this is your first time connecting MetaLocator to Zapier, click New Account, and provide your email address and (MetaLocator) password to login as shown below. These should be the same credentials that are used to login to MetaLocator.

Click Test Trigger. The MetaLocator account used above must have at least one record at this stage. If necessary, use the Interface to send a test Lead or modify a location before clicking Test Trigger.

Zapier will show a preview of the results

Click Continue and choose an App Event. In this example, we will send a Slack message.

Choose a Slack channel to send the notices.

The Message Text will show the available fields from the API. Pick the fields to compose the Slack message as shown:

Click Submit, and finally Test & Continue. You should receive a Slack message immediately.

If all is well, click Turn On Zap.

That's all there is to setting up Zapier with MetaLocator

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