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Changing the Google Account associated with a MetaLocator User Account
Changing the Google Account associated with a MetaLocator User Account
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Clients with established data feeds from Google Sheets may occaisionally need to change the Google Account associated with the user that is importing data from Google Sheets.

To change the Google account associated with an existing MetaLocator user:

  1. Login to MetaLocator as the MetaLocator user that needs the Google Account changed.

  2. Click My User Profile as shown below:

  3. Click Delete Google Drive Token. The MetaLocator account has now been disconnected from the original Google Account. To establish a connection to a new account, continue following these steps.

  4. Click Data (or Locations) > Import and choose Google Sheets

  5. Click Connect to your Google Drive Account

  6. Follow the prompts to grant permission for MetaLocator to connect to your Google Account. The import wizard will prompt you to choose a file; however, click Cancel at this stage as the process of connecting your user to a new Google account has been completed.

Background Google Sheets Imports

Any existing background imports will now run using the updated permissions established above.

If Google Sheets files involved in background imports in the former Google Account are not accessible to the newly established Google Account, a permissions-denied error will occur during import. To avoid this, ensure that the same file is shared with the new account. MetaLocator references Google's "file_id", which does not change as files are shared or even renamed. If the file_id has changed, e.g. the file was re-created or a duplicate was created, the background import job should be deleted and recreated.

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