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Display travel time in the search results
Display travel time in the search results

Estimated travel time by various modalities is supported

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MetaLocator can estimate the amount of travel time based on distance and the mode of travel, e.g. walking, biking, public transportation or car. These are rough estimates, displayed in minutes, based on the distance calculation and the mode and are most helpful when walking or biking short distances. Clicking "Get directions" is the best option to obtain an accurate travel time when traveling by car or public transportation.

To enable travel time in the search results, Add the field to the List settings as shown below:

Once the field is added, the options can be adjusted. The default mode is "walking",

Recommended icons for the various modalities are:

  • fa fa-walking

  • fa fa-car

  • fa fa-bicycle

  • fa fa-bus

The format receives the minutes in estimated travel time and is formatted using sprintf syntax.

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