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Displaying response time in search results
Displaying response time in search results

Display "Usually responds within" based on historical lead response time

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This article describes features available to Enterprise Customers and customers with our Lead Optimization add-on. Contact Sales to learn more.

A dealer locator showing response time

For Enterprise Customers leveraging our Lead Acknowledgment features, the "Average Response Time" is captured based on when a given recipient acknowledges a lead.

We use this data to report the overall average response time in the dashboard as an aggregate and on a per-recipient basis. This helps our users understand how quickly customers are getting replies to their inquiries.

This data can also be used in the locator results, in order to inform the prospective customer regarding the historical response time for that result. As shown below, this helps set expectations regarding a typical response to the customer inquiry:

To add this field to the results, follow these instructions.

  1. Open the Interface Builder

  2. Click Results > List (or whichever template is preferred),

  3. Click Add Field

  4. Choose Average Response Time

Possible outcomes and language constants are below:

LOCATOR_AVERAGE_LEAD_RESPONSE_TIME_MINUTES="Usually responds within minutes" 
LOCATOR_AVERAGE_LEAD_RESPONSE_TIME_DAY="Usually responds the same day"
LOCATOR_AVERAGE_LEAD_RESPONSE_TIME_WEEK="Usually responds within a week"

If no response time is available, no output is displayed as in the example shown in the second result above.

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