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Lead Follow-up Reviews
Lead Follow-up Reviews

After a lead is sent, follow-up with the customer to determine the outcome and request a review with rating

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This article discusses a feature available to Enterprise customers only.

When a customer uses the locator to contact a dealer via our Lead Generation system, you can configure a follow-up email which seeks to gauge the customer's satisfaction with the service they received.

Follow-up emails are only delivered to acknowledged leads, so be sure you have properly set up Lead Acknowledgement.

Lead Follow-up Reviews

To enable lead follow-ups, set Send Lead Follow-up to "Yes" under the Lead Generation tab of the Interface Builder. Be sure to complete the configuration steps entirely before enabling lead follow-up.

The follow-up email is configured with a built-in delay, called Follow-up Delay. measured in minutes. This is the time the system should wait after acknowledgement before delivering the follow-up email. By default this is set to 4 days. Adjust this time delay to extend past a typical initial engagement time period in your business or industry.

The actual email is configured in the Follow-up Email Template. The template is pre-configured to include a link to provide a review and comments. An example template can be found here:

Encouraging the user to leave a star rating and review allows you to configure your dealer locator to sort by location rating. The dealer rating is built from a combination of response time, acknowledgement, review rating and the number of reviews. This creates a cycle of incentive for dealers to respond quickly.

Review Notifications

When a review is submitted via the follow-up system above, the system can optionally trigger a notification to the dealer, letting them know that a follow-up review was submitted. It can optionally include controls that allow the dealer to choose the published or unpublished state of the review.

  1. Enable review notifications by setting Send Review Notifications to Yes under Review Settings.

  2. Indicate who receives notifications, the account owner, the dealer or both by setting the Deliver Review Notifications setting accordingly.

  3. Set the "Review Notification Email Body Template" under Review Settings. An example email template can be found here.

  4. Set the value for the Review Notification Email Subject. This setting, like most settings can be set to a language constant such as LOCATOR_REVIEW_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT, so long as there is a corresponding translation available in the language file.

An example review notification is shown below:


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