allows you to interact via XML-RPC to perform functions including:

  • Adding locations,
  • Deleting locations,
  • Updating locations,
  • Publishing and un-publishing locations

The MetaLocator Data Management API should not be confused with the PaaS API.  The PaaS API provides a RESTful JSON-based API which is designed for users creating mobile or external search applications using MetaLocator as a platform.

These functions are made available via the industry standard XML-RPC protocol.

The XML-RPC endpoint is:

You must have a valid account to access the API.

API access is only included with Platinum, Enterprise and higher accounts.  

Available functions are listed in our test client.

As will all XML-RPC services, the system is self-documenting and responds to the methodSignature request with complete detail on each function call.

Each function includes documentation on our site, under the API tag.


  • The API is rate limited to 500 requests per hour per IP address.
  • The API is not a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, but allows complete remote management of your data.
  • Implementation of the API is subject to the MetaLocator scope of support.
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