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This article describes the various features related to account access and user roles.

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Platinum, Enterprise and higher account levels can create users to assist in the management of data.  To create a user, access the User Manager from the User Menu (as labelled by your full name, in the upper right) as shown here:

Create the user by assigning a username, email address and type to the account.  That user will optionally receive a welcome email with their account credentials.

The following Types of users can be created here:

  • Delegate - Delegate users can access an assigned subset of data.  They can also add and import new data.  Data that is imported by a delegate user is accessible by that user and the account administrator.

  • Administrators - (Formerly called SubAdmins) . These users have access to all MetaLocator features, except those privy to the account owner, including Billing History, Billing Profile, Cancel Account, Upgrade Account.

  • Group Administrators - These users have access to all data, interfaces, categories and fields in the groups they have access to.

  • Group Managers - These users have read/write access to data in the groups they have access to.

  • API - API users are also Delegates, but they can access the data via the API.  To use the API with access to all data, simply use your administrative credentials with an API key from an API user configured in your account.  For more information regarding the API, see our API documentation.

  • Country Manager: A user that has access to data only (no access to interfaces), and all data for a specific country or countries.  Read more here.

  • Bulk Contributors:  This user level allows users to login and upload data for another manager to review, approve and optionally import.  Read more here.

  • Leads: This user level enables access to the Leads tab only.  This allows a user to login, view leads and download lead data in bulk.

  • Analytics - Analytics users only have access to the Dashboard and Analytics tabs.

  • Translator - This user type has full access to manage language files, including the Bulk Language Editor

Note:  When a user is deleted, data ownership is transferred back to the account administrator.

Agency Accounts

Another type of MetaLocator account is the Agency account.  It allows for the creation of stand-alone MetaLocator accounts.  Access to the Agency account control panel is limited to those users in our Agency Platform.  Some Enterprise users have also leveraged this model to provide completely separate accounts to internal departments, while providing for the centralized management of the account in the Agency Dashboard.  

Feature Access for Delegate Users

Delegate Users can only access the following areas of the MetaLocator control panel:

  • Dashboard

  • Data

  • Logout

  • Help

Data Access for Delegate Users

Delegate Users only have access to the data they import, add manually or as assigned to them by the account administrator.  Administrators can assign data in two ways: first, administrators can manually assign a given record to a delegate, secondly, administrators can provide the user_id number for the record during import.  To manually assign a record to a delegate, login as administrator, edit a location, and set the user as shown here:

The Delegate chosen will then see that record listed under "All Data" and can manage all aspects of that record, including deletion and un-publish.

To import records in bulk, and assign those records to a user, simply provide the User ID number, as indicated in the User Manager in the user_id column of the import spreadsheet.

Legacy: Interface Access for Delegate Users

Delegate Users can only publish data on Interfaces designated by the account administrator.  Each Interface has an option to allow data from a certain Delegate User.  This option is currently under "Advanced", as shown here:

 This will allow records created by "fatica2121" to appear under this Interface, in addition to any records created by the account administrator.  The data provided by the Delegate must, of course, still match the other criteria required to present data on this Interface, such as Country, Category or Language. 


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