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MetaLocator Data Management API Overview
MetaLocator Data Management API Overview
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Updated over a week ago allows you to interact via XML-RPC to perform functions including:

  • Adding locations,

  • Deleting locations,

  • Updating locations,

  • Publishing and un-publishing locations

The MetaLocator Data Management API should not be confused with the PaaS API.  The PaaS API provides a RESTful JSON-based API which is designed for users creating mobile or external search applications using MetaLocator as a platform.

These functions are made available via the industry standard XML-RPC protocol.

The XML-RPC endpoint is:

You must have a valid account to access the API.

API access is only included with Platinum, Enterprise and higher accounts.  

An email address associated with the account must be established of type MetaLocator API to access the API as detailed here.

Available functions are listed in our test client.  

To test a basic query in the test client:

  1. Switch the protocol to HTTPs

  2. Select "List Available Methods"

  3. Click Execute

  4. Choose a Method, for example, getLocation, and click Describe.

  5. Choose Load Method Synopsis.

  6. In the Payload section, provide the parameters according to the Method Description.  For GetLocation, they are username, password and LocationID.  E.g. <param><value><string></string></value></param>

  7. Click Execute

API users only have access to the locations they have been assigned.  If the API user should have access to all locations, request they be created as Administrators from the helpdesk.

As will all XML-RPC services, the system is self-documenting and responds to the methodSignature request with complete detail on each function call.

Each function includes documentation on our site in the Data Management API category.


  • The API is rate limited to 500 requests per hour per IP address.

  • The API is not a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, but allows complete remote management of your data.

  • Implementation of the API is subject to the MetaLocator scope of support.

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