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Allow users to submit data to your content managers without granting too much access

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Multi-user access is available to Platinum and higher accounts.

When you have many sources of location or product data it can become difficult to ensure all content contributors understand the proper file format, columns and data.  In these scenarios it can be helpful to appoint one or more users as content managers and others as bulk contributors.  

Bulk contributors receive a very simple interface, which only allows them to upload a file and submit comments. 

Bulk users can only upload files and provide comments as shown below

Once submitted, the user that created the Bulk Contributor User will receive a notification with information regarding the uploaded file.

When the managing user logs in, they will see a new option with a red indicator under the Import menu.  This indicates that new, unreviewed content has been submitted.

This icon will only appear if you have Bulk Contributor Users configured.

Click Import From Users to review the content submitted by Bulk Contributors.

Each file will be listed including the User, date, time and links to review the file.

The Actions menu includes the following options:

  • Import: Import the file as usual.  This can be performed typically after reviewing the file. 

  • View File: This allows you to download the file and review.

  • Reject:  This option allows you to reject the file and optionally send an email to the contributor, explaining what the issue was.

  • Delete: This option deletes the entry.

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