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How are map views counted?
How are map views counted?

MetaLocator charges based on map views.

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MetaLocator incurs costs based on map views.  Map views are different from page views and reflect user interaction with the software.   Map views are the most common utilization metric used by MetaLocator when establishing Enterprise agreements.  The exact determination of map view utilization is made by the map vendor, typically MapBox or Google Maps.



Typical visit breakdown of Map Views

In a single visit to a MetaLocator UI, map views may be incurred as follows:

  1. The user displays the map when loading the page.  Depending on the map size, this may generate 1 or more map views.

  2. The user performs a basic search.  Again, depending on the map size, this may generate 1 or more map views.

  3. The user visits a detail page and displays the detail map.

The number of map views in a user session will increase as the user manipulates the map, views detail pages and performs additional searches.

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