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Google Maps API "Oops something went wrong"
Google Maps API "Oops something went wrong"

This page can't load Google Maps correctly. For development purposes only.

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Google has switched to a pooled quota for the Google Maps API used without an API key.

As a result, you might see an error from Google like this:

Oops! Something went wrong.

or this:

This page can't load Google Maps correctly. For development purposes only.

If you've had an API key (license) established, the funding has likely been depleted or funding source has an issue. Check the funding source and balance with Google.

If you've been using Google Maps without an API key, MetaLocator has options for you and one is included with your MetaLocator subscription. Note this message from Google can occur at any time without notice if you've elected to use Google Maps and have not obtained an API key.

There are two options available:

  1. Switch to Mapbox Maps:  This option causes your interface to use a different mapping library.  The behavior and functionality is identical except the map tile imagery comes from another provider.

  2. Obtain a Google API Key:  With this option you can continue to use the Google Maps API with your own individual map view quota.

Switching to Mapbox

  1. Log in to your MetaLocator account, and choose Interfaces.  Click the name of the Interface in question.

  2. Under Map Settings, set Map Vendor to Leaflet.  Click Save & Close.

  3. Done!

Obtain & Configure an API Key

  1. Visit this link and click "Get a Key" as shown below.  Follow the instructions provided. Once obtained, the key will be a long alphanumeric string.

  2. Login to MetaLocator at

  3. Navigate to the Interfaces and click the interface with Google Maps enabled.

  4. Click to expand the Map group.  Then select 25 More Map Features.

  5. Paste the Google API Key

  6. Click Save & Close in the upper right.

  7. Paste the key into each Interface as described above.  You may use the same key each time.


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