MetaLocator charges for services in proportion to our customer's utilization of our services.  This is often expressed as the total number of "page views" incurred.  This most accurately reflects our costs and is an important measure when sizing the infrastructure dedicated to your account.  The meaning of a "page views" can vary in certain contexts.  This document defines those contexts.

A single page view is incurred in each of the following example scenarios:

  • A customer visits your Web site, clicks "Where to Buy" and our locator is displayed.
  • A customer searches your database and we present the results.
  • A customer clicks to display a location detail page.
  • We display the nearest locations or Websites offering a given product directly on your product page.
  • A call to our PaaS API is made.
  • A call to our Data Management API is executed
  • A call to our Analytics API is executed
  • A text message is delivered by MetaLocator that includes location results.
  • An email is delivered by MetaLocator that includes location results.
  • A user drags the map to display additional search results.

Page views are not incurred in these scenarios:

  • We render a "Where to Buy" button on your Web site.
  • A mobile app that uses our API is loaded, but no queries are sent to our API.
  • A text message is received by MetaLocator.

A complete reporting of your page views can be found under in the MetaLocator dashboard under Account Usage.  Questions regarding your account, or your page views can be directed to our helpdesk.


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