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WCAG and Section 508 Compliance
WCAG and Section 508 Compliance

MetaLocator provides the tools required to meet various accessibility standards

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MetaLocator is committed to providing accessible products. Our templates are updated regularly to ensure ease of use for those users with visual and physical impairments.

WCAG AA Compliance is a standard part of our Enterprise implementation.

MetaLocator interfaces are accessible off-the-shelf. However, customer changes to the software, such as color choices with insufficient contrast or images without descriptive text can introduce non-accessible elements into the locator.

We recommend AXE and Site Improve tools to help evaluate compliance.

When scanning a MetaLocator Interface you may encounter these warnings:

  1. Elements must have sufficient color contrast. Ensure the colors chosen, especially the "Light", "Primary" and "Secondary" colors meet sufficient color contrast standards.

  2. Links with the same name must have a similar purpose. This warning can occur when displaying results and have a repeating button with the label "Website" or similar. For a more accessible display include the name of the result or the (pretty) link itself as the label as shown below:

  3. Page should contain a level-one heading. This is a side effect of testing the interface preview directly. Instead, test the interface on the page it will be installed on, and ensure the host page also meets compliance standards.

  4. Elements over the map may be flagged as having insufficient color contrast. Some map providers include overlays like the attribution, zoom and scale map controls. Depending on the map provider in use, you may choose to hide these controls or update their color contrast via CSS. To hide the scale control, set Map Settings > Display Map Scale Control to "No".

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