Adobe Typekit fonts can be used in your MetaLocator Interface templates.

First obtain a Typekit subscription from Adobe and follow their guide as found here:

The resulting JavaScript code from Adobe is then stored in your Interface under Advanced Settings > Header.

Installing the fonts makes them addressable within MetaLocator. This doesn't automatically change any font references already in place. Depending upon the Template selected this list might be more than needed for your implementation. Add this to the bottom of any existing CSS in your Interface under Style and Color Settings > CSS.

 h2, h2.com_locator_title a, h2.com_locator_title a:hover,
 h2.com_locator_title a,
 h2.com_locator_title a:hover,
.com_locator_entry .popupWindow h2.com_locator_title,
.com_locator_forms .inputbox,
.com_locator_forms .inputbox,
.com_locator_forms .inputbox:hover,
.com_locator_forms .inputbox:hover,
.locator_form_buttons input,
.metalocator .locator_reset,
.metalocator .locator_submit,
.metalocator .select2-offscreen option,
.popupWindow .leaflet-container h2.com_locator_title a,
.popupWindow h2.com_locator_title,
.popupWindow h2.com_locator_title,
.select2-results .select2-result-label,
{font-family: proxima-nova,"Proxima Nova","Open Sans",Arial,sans-serif !important;}


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