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Display a default location when matching search results for your visitor cannot be found. 

When a search yields no location(s), MetaLocator default behavior is to display the message "No results found for your search."

Our customers have shown interest in displaying a location when there are none that fit a searcher's criteria. We've made it easy to give your visitors a location even when their search might not be wide enough. To configure your interface to behave in this manner, follow these few steps:

1. Identify the location, and note the MetaLocator ID# you wish for your customers to see when their search returns nothing.

2. Navigate to Interfaces > (Your Interface Name) > Territory Settings

 3. Input the MetaLocator ID# into the field "Default Record ID". Leave "Enable Territories" at "No" unless you are using the Territory features.

 4. Save your interface
 5. Preview your interface to test your change

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