A frequently answered question is “I want to have an Interface display certain Locations and another Interface to display other select Locations – how do I do this?”

MetaLocator allows you to have numerous Interfaces. This capability allows one to have differing Interface for different pages or websites. It also allows you to display select locations on an Interface. You needn't have another database or establish another account.

Customers often use MetaLocator's powerful Category feature to represent searchable/selectable Categories. For example “Retail” “Wholesale” and any other business aspect that a visitor could search/select from. Each of these Categories (or sets of Categories) can be associated to a specific Interface.

Here we show you how to use the MetaLocator feature of Categories for the distinct purpose of associating Locations to a given Interface. With this the visitor isn’t making a selection – the selection is ‘hard-wired’ as part of the Interface settings.

  1. Create a Category for brand 1 and for brand 2 – name each as needed.

This can be accomplished directly via the Categories menu or by importing data.
This article is an overview of categories and how to manage them: https://www.metalocator.com/categories/

This article explains the import of Category: https://www.metalocator.com/data-import/

2. If you will be allowing visitors to search using Categories, add a category dropdown to your interface as shown below:

3. Tag the Locations with the brand. If a Location offers both brands, tag it with both rather than duplicate the location.

4. Adjust each Interface to display only locations with the associated brand.

This article should be of help: https://www.metalocator.com/filtering-data-category/


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