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MetaLocator integrates with nearly every type of website system. In this article, we show you how to install MetaLocator's code into a powered website.

The first step is to create a MetaLocator interface, which is covered in our Getting Started video.  This video shows all the steps necessary to configure the display which is termed in MetaLocator, an interface. Once you have created an interface, the final step in the process is to install that in your Wix website.

While the Wix website creation tool itself may change over time as to how this might be accomplished, you will always simply be creating a page to contain the locator and using the Wix embed HTML code functionality to contain the MetaLocator installation code - no programming knowledge is needed. Once in place, changes to your data or the look and feel of your interface are accomplished through your MetaLocator administration menus without the need to visit or adjust your Wix site or page.

1) Create a Wix page that will contain your locator. This will also create a menu item for visitors to reach that page.

 2) Grab a copy of the MetaLocator installation code for your Interface under Interfaces > Install.

3) Add an Embed, and choose the Embed a widget option

4) Paste the provided code into the widget as shown

5) Adjust the size of the section’s width and length to accommodate your MetaLocator display. You can use the handles on the section box to adjust or directly input the height and width values

Use the preview function to check and adjust your page size and settings. For fine tuning, these articles discuss how the area that MetaLocator consumes can be sized to your exact preferences.

That is all there is to installing your MetaLocator interface into Wix - enjoy!

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