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Improving location data with the Geocoder
Improving location data with the Geocoder

Update Address While Geocoding

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MetaLocator's Geocoder can be used to update incomplete address information such as missing county names, or inconsistent data such as states entered as both "WI" and "Wisconsin".

If your data is incomplete, or inconsistent, you can use MetaLocator to update the

  • City

  • State

  • Country

  • County

  • Postal Code

fields with the data provided by the geocoder.

It is good to create an export of your data before proceeding with the Update Address While Geocoding function in case there is a need to revert certain records.

To begin geocoding and standardize your data:

  1. Select Geocoder tab in MetaLocator

  2. Click the Update Address While Geocoding option in the upper left of the Geocoder

  3. Select Start Geocoding in the upper right.  

If your data spans multiple countries, it is important to provide an accurate TLD for each row.  While not 100% required, it will ensure the correct bias is provided to the geocoder since address can be duplicated from country to country.  E.g. there is a 123 Main St. in both the United Kingdom and Canada, and the United States.   This data can be imported by providing a TLD column in your import spreadsheet.

The updated addresses will appear under All Records for each location.


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