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Search geocoding overrides
Search geocoding overrides

When you would like to force a particular term to resolve to a different point, an override can help

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When searching for locations in your locator, MetaLocator first geocodes the term entered by the user.  This establishes the point around which the search is centered.

If that point is not the point desired, you can manually override that term using a geocode override.  

To create an override, perform the following steps:

  1.  Click the Tool icon the in the dashboard top bar.

  2. Select Geocoding Overrides

  3. Click New

  4. Enter the Search Term, Latitude, Longitude and TLD.

  5. Click Save

To obtain the latitude and longitude, another tool called the Map Explorer Tool is helpful.  Found under the tools menu, it allows you to obtain the latitude and longitude of any point on the globe.

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